London’s Street Trees

One of our local trees, the Weeping Pear in front of Rolfe Judd, has been featured in a new book ‘London’s Street Trees: A guide to the urban forest (Paul Wood). If you want to learn more about trees the book is well worth reading.

It was described as “An apparently well loved weeping pear on Claylands Road …its pit well planted by guerilla gardeners.” He hadn’t realised that it was looked after by Claylands Green Gardening Group (CGGG) although some like the idea of renaming as Claylands Green Guerilla Gardeners.

It is hoped that Paul (@TheStreeTree on Twitter) will come and do a guided walk around the area. He did a public talk and guided walk from City Hall for London Tree Week and knows our area well.

AGM (21 June) and Annual Picnic (1st July)

Annual General Meeting (Wednesday 21st June 7pm for 7:30 pm start)

Once again Stephen Ludlow has kindly offered use of his offices so the AGM will be in Ludlow Thompsons Offices 4-6 Clapham Road.  We are expecting a TfL representative to attend to give an update on the Northern Line Extension

Annual Picnic on the Green (Saturday 1st July 12:00 midday to 3 pm)

At this year’s picnic we are hoping to raise some funds for the Triangle Adventure Playground (TAP) The entrance is in Ashmole Street.  It is London’s oldest adventure playground remaining on its original site.

Please bring along your family, friends and neighbours and some of your favourite food to share. BBQ food and refreshments provided by iMPACT Residents Association

There will be a plant stall so if you have any spare do bring them along, Proceeds go to maintaining the public flower beds and planters.





Northern Line Extension Update

The latest information on the Northern Line Extension can be found on TfL’s website

.The NLE tunneling machines are called Amey and Helen and are already on their 3.2km journey towards Kennington from Battersea.  They will be passing under Claylands Green in around September.

We are still not sure what type of train track they will be using but representatives are pressing for the best quality. If they use a cheap track there will be a more noise. Some of us can already hear the northern line running under the Clapham Road so the Northern Line Extension, which will be running 24 hours a day, will add to that.

Work on the two new stations at Nine Elms and Battersea  is well underway.  If you have seen the the works at Kennington Green and Kennington Park you will realise that Claylands Green had a lucky escape.

Ana’s Hair Studio

In May, a new unisex hairdressers opened in Claylands Road. The property was previously an estate agent and before that a newsagent. The owner is Ana (see picture). The opening hours are:
Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm
Saturday: 9am to 7pm
Sunday: Closed

Grill 32

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Kebab shop at 32 Clapham Road changed hands in April and is now called Grill 32. It still does kebabs but there is now a greater emphasis on fried chicken. Yusuf, the former owner, had been there for 12 years and spoke highly of his local customers. The new owner is Raqib.

[Can recommend the peri peri chicken and wraps]

Triangle Adventure Playground needs your help

The Triangle Adventure Playground (TAP) (entrance in Ashmole St) started in 1957 and is the oldest such playground in London still on its original site. It needs your help or it will have to close


The Triangle has served the families of the Ashmole Estate and beyond for 60 years. Thousands of young people have grown up on it, regarding it, rightfully, as ‘their place’. Generations of families have relied on it as somewhere that helps keep their children active, healthy and safe.

Although it is an independent charity, for many years the playground received a base grant from Lambeth, with the bulk of its costs then being raised by its management committee of local volunteers. To keep the playground open with qualified and dedicated staff costs £55,000 a year.

Faced with austerity cuts the council can no longer afford to support us. Although we are doing everything we can to raise funds, charitable funding is now extremely stretched nationwide and to stay open we have been drawing on our reserves. These are now running out.


We are calling on our community to help us keep the Triangle open through these hard times.

If enough people make a small donation on a regular basis we can secure our service. 915 people making a standing order of £5 a month will see us open every day. Anyone who can give more increases our chance of survival. Ten pounds a month? – that’s one cup of Costa coffee a week.

You can make a donation, either one off or regular, at –

We believe the work we do benefits our whole community. We ask you, please, to support us by joining our crowd. More ways to help fund us can be found at:


Tidying up Claylands Green after the storm

Weather was a bit mixed for this Sunday’s (5 March 2017) gardening activity – sunny one minute, raining the next with even hail stones making a brief appearance at one point.  Nothing compared with Storm Doris (23 February 2017) of course but local volunteers were out anyway bagging up some fly tipped waste, picking up litter and fallen branches from the storm, sweeping debris from the gutter and generally tidying up the area including the garden crossing bed.

Sadly, plant theft continues and rose has been stolen from one of the beds.

A few weeks ago one careless driver managed to mount the kerb on the silver birch copse bed knocking over the bollard and damaging one of the trees. The tree has since been repaired but the bollard has yet to be fixed.

Don’t forget to recycle

The new green recycling bins have been rolled out to some properties in the neighbourhood so perhaps it is worth reminding ourselves of what should be recycled. Here is a list from Lambeth.

Recyclable item Details
Paper and cardboard All paper, cardboard, catalogues, directories and Yellow Pages.
Food and drink cartons All food and drink cartons, including Tetra Pak (please rinse and flatten all boxes).
Glass bottles and jars All glass bottles and jars (please rinse). No broken glass please.
Cans and tins All drinks and food cans and aerosols (please rinse tins and ensure aerosols are empty).
Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays including margarine tubs, yoghurt pots and any other types of plastic food containers (please rinse and remove film).

For further information on waste collection and recycling in Lambeth see

There are also some additional recycling facilities in front of the sheltered housing at the bend in Trigon Road. The container on the right is for shoes and clothes/textiles (run by Chris Carey’s collections) and the container on the left if for books and music items (for British Heart Foundation).  On the off chance local residents have illegal weapons, there is a knife bank in St Marks Churchyard next to the church.